We Didn’t Have to Miss a Single Steelers Game

When my husband told me that we were going to move to California, I was pretty excited. I knew that we would miss everyone back home, but it was such an incredible opportunity for us too. He had gotten the promotion that he wanted, which meant that we had to move 2,000 miles away. One of the first things that I did before we even made any plans was to look up the information for DirecTV Sunday Ticket. I knew that if there was one thing my husband would miss almost as much as our family and friends, it would be watching his beloved Pittsburgh Steelers play every week. Continue reading We Didn’t Have to Miss a Single Steelers Game

3D Television is an Inevitability

2010 was the year of 3D movies. From Alice in Wonderland released in March to the year-end release of Gulliver’s Travels, with 23 3D movies in 2010 and many more coming in 2011, one thing is for sure 3D craze is not a temporary fad. 3D is of course not a new technology. It has a used in movies since 1950s but it was James Cameron’s “Avatar” that pushed 3D firmly into the mainstream once and for all. Now, is Charter Communications ready to bring 3-D to cable televisions at home?

The last year has seen the 3D revolution hitting the consumer electronics market. From 3D-enabled Blu-ray players to laptops, it seems there’s nothing left in the tech market that is left untouched by the magic wand of 3D. 3D is also being pushed as the next big thing by TV manufacturers. They’re hyping the shift from 2D to 3D as the biggest transition consumers have seen since TV went from black-and-white to color. The year 2010 saw the bigwigs in the TV manufacturing scenario bringing their 3D enabled TV sets into the market and also many TV networks venturing into the 3D channel arena.

Japanese cable channel BS11 had already ventured into 3D programming in 2008. Continue reading 3D Television is an Inevitability

A Company That Gives Back to the Community

I knew that one of the things I was going to have to do before moving to Spring, Texas was look at the different energy providers. My husband told me to just choose one, but that didn’t feel right to me. I know that we are not talking about a major decision, but it is still an important one. Because of that, I wanted to make sure that I was making the right one for our family. It did not take long to find a website that had all of the information that I needed on it to help me make the decision on which energy company our house would use.

I liked that I was able to get information on each individual energy company. I am not talking about rates only. Continue reading A Company That Gives Back to the Community

Started a Shop Near Fort Hood

I just got started planning my latest venture and I am trying to figure out how practical it shall be. For starters this is something which is going to use processes which will be electrical power intensive. So I have been looking at the Killeen electricity rates since Fort Hood is a very good location for this business. The power bill for this venture is probably going to run around a thousand dollars a month, which is a big deal to any person. Of course in this as in a lot of other things, that is like the price of admission. Continue reading Started a Shop Near Fort Hood

How Hard is It to Put in a Shower

We are not sure what are going to do yet, but we have started thinking about doing the bath over. In fact we were thinking about it from the moment we bought the house, but obviously it was not the top priority. We have lots of bills, but in a couple of months we are going to have my pick up truck paid off. I am not going to need a new truck for a few years, so we have thought about what to do with the money. I talked to the guy with shower doors in Union county NJ. It is called Glass Plus. Continue reading How Hard is It to Put in a Shower

Great Way to Save Life’s Memories

The scanspeeder photo scanning software was the perfect software for the job of scanning twelve year old wedding photos online. Last summer my sister and her husband were getting ready to celebrate their 12th wedding anniversary and I wanted to surprise them with a special gift. I know I could have bought them something, but I wanted the gift to be personal and from the heart. My sister is a nurse and my brother in law a contractor, so they were really not into computers that much. But I knew if I made them a wedding website they would love it. Continue reading Great Way to Save Life’s Memories

You Made My Daughter’s Assignment Easier

The website photoscanningsoftwarereview.com was very helpful when I was helping my daughter scan old news clippings into a website she was making for school. My daughter was in high school and they had an assignment to make a website about your family history. My family has lived in Chicago for many years and had two bakeries so we had lots of fun newspaper clippings about our family business along with some great old photos. Our family bakery was the backbone of our family. I remember going there every day after I would get out of school. I would do little jobs around the bakery. But my mother always made sure our school was done first. She would get me a huge glass of milk and my favorite donut and then sit me down at one of the back tables and tell me to get busy.

I know it was a different childhood then most of my friends, but it was also a great one too. All of my friends wanted to come over to the bakery after school to try our pastries. Continue reading You Made My Daughter’s Assignment Easier

Just Got a Little House in Ridgewood

Meg and I have been looking around for Home Furnishings and decor. We have bought a house and it has been decided that our stuff is not really worth moving for the better part. I have been waiting for the painter in Ridgewood NJ to find the time to come over and do the main room. It was going to be a family project, but Meg and I decided that the two of us were not very good at painting. The back rooms we did and we just were not all that happy with the results when we were finished. It was just not all that great. Of course the part of the house we painted is not going to be open to most visitors. So the people are not going to be able to see what a poor job we did on the bedrooms. We figure that it is not going to be all that expensive just to have the pros paint the living room and the dining room, along with the foyer and the hallways.

We are trying to figure out what we want to do with the bathrooms. Continue reading Just Got a Little House in Ridgewood

Researching the Different Energy Companies

I may not know a lot about how energy works, but I do know how to save money for the energy that comes into my home. I live in Texas, which means that our energy providers are not regulated like it is in so many other areas in the United States. That means I have choices, and I don’t take that lightly. To some, it might not be a big deal on which energy company they will use, but it does to me. That is why I researched all the different Killeen energy companies that provide energy to my home.

I know that for the most part, they are similar. But, it is the ways that they are not similar that I am most interested in. Continue reading Researching the Different Energy Companies

I Now Take Backups Seriously

You would think that I would have learned the very first time when I lost over 10,000 digital photos and other important data when my home computer crashed. The truth is that I was being naive because it was a brand new computer that I had purchased only one month prior, so I assumed that I was safe. I also run a small business, and within only one week of the crash at home, my server at my business also crashed. It was just my luck, but it was also my own fault that I had no backup hosting service. In both situations I was trying to scrimp on what’s important, and I ended up paying a big price.

In the case of my home computer, I quickly called my network administrator, who is also my employee. Continue reading I Now Take Backups Seriously

The Real Life Game of Tetris

Having lived in Singapore for a few months now, I have come to recognize just how important it is be aware of how much space that you have in your apartment, how you’re going to be using that space and how the things that you fill the space with are going to impact your life. Back home in the United States, it was easy to fill your home with a vast number of things – whether they’re art, collectibles or useful utility items, space is rarely a concern for most Americans. And yet, in Singapore, http://www.store-friendly.com.sg becomes readily necessary for anyone who is carrying with them a lot of their items from the West if they are moving to this wonderful city-state we call Singapore. Continue reading The Real Life Game of Tetris

It’s a Family Affair at the Hair Spa

I grew up in a very poor family. My mother would cut our hair and she even made some of our clothes. We always had enough to eat, but that is because my folks learned how to be frugal. I knew that I was going to work hard so I didn’t have to always live in poverty, and that is just what I did. I went to school and got a degree in business, then I landed a great job. I have to look good for work, which is another reason I use an exclusive hair spa in singapore.

I know I could get a hair cut and style for less money, but I also know it will not look as good as what I get when I am at Team Salon. The stylists there are the cream of the crop, which is evident by the work that they do. Continue reading It’s a Family Affair at the Hair Spa

The Amazing Power of Traditional Medicine

Although the topic of orthopedics may be confusing to some, it really just boils down to things that deal with the skeletal system. For those unaware, the skeletal system is hugely vital and can play a major role in many different problems and ailments. Simply put, orthopedic physicians are extremely important and anyone that has received help from one can likely vouch for that. Modern medicine has taught us a lot about this system and the ways we can interact with it, but some traditional practices have also shown great insight. One orthopaedic in singapore has a quality staff that specializes specifically in Traditional Chinese Medicine dealing with these problems.

The first reaction to this concept for many people is skepticism, which is not completely unjustified with the way that some businesses and practices seem to abuse people’s lack of understanding in the subject. Continue reading The Amazing Power of Traditional Medicine

Looking for a Place in Tampa

I am having a pretty good time down here, but right now I am sort of living on a friend’s couch temporarily. That is not a long term solution, his girlfriend is being nice about it so far, but it is obvious that both of them would like for me to get my own place sooner rather than later. I took a ride down to check out a place called the sanctuaray at highland oaks apartments. It seems like a silly name in my opinion, but the apartments are pretty nice really. The problem is that they only have two and three bedroom places available and I need something with a one bedroom price. I am going to have to keep looking and I might have to do something on a short term basis. I also looked at one of those long term stay hotel type places. Continue reading Looking for a Place in Tampa

Met This Girl the Other Day

I was down at the shops on White Street the other day and I met this girl. She was at the counter of the drug store and I was looking for something for a cold. At any rate we had to wait in line a long time and she was telling to to try this stuff called co q 10. Of course she swore that the stuff worked, but I could not find any of it there. At any rate she sent me down the street to some other shop and went along with me. It was a bit weird to put it mildly, but this girl was really sweet. Of course she was also quite attractive. Continue reading Met This Girl the Other Day

Home Protection – One of Many Options

ADT Home Security Cameras Prices(If you live in Texas and are thinking about installing an alarm, ADT has a local website to answer questions and give more information: home-security.co/adt-home-security/texas/)

The need for home security is an often understated factor of the perfect home. Families need to feel safe – to feel like they can be protected in the most important place in their lives. Residents in Texas are lucky to know that ADT, a home security company, can provide service to those who want a safer place to live.

The most common measure of security that ADT provides are home alarms. These alarms are connect to a fast responding customer center that can help with any emergency. These alarms have a variety of features such as sirens, infrared motion detectors, and manual alarms to contact the police.

There are several instances that necessitate the need for a home security system; for example, ADT specializes in burglaries and its prime function is to detect and prevent break-ins. ADT alarms also monitor fire and smoke, carbon monoxide, and floods.

Prices for ADT’s home alarm systems start at $36.99 a month and go up to $52.99 a month (this is for premium services). Continue reading Home Protection – One of Many Options

Getting the Place Ready to Live in

Of course normally I would not be the type of person who would hire a maid, but I have absolutely no time on my hands and this is sort of an emergency situation. I lucked into this opportunity and bought a place from this fellow who probably had mental health issues, not that this was my fault or not as though I was taking undue advantage of him. I only had so much money and he had rather little time, so he had to take what I was able to give him. I hired the frondosa city Employment agency to come in and clean up the mess that he had made, in fact I was afraid that they would laugh at me when they saw what this job entailed, because the sort of mental issues I am talking about are some sort of hoarding complex. I suppose that there might be a fortune in the condo, but if it is then it is a fortune that is buried under a mountain of crap.

I mean literally the place is packed with boxes and boxes of all sorts of stuff. Some of it is just trash, plain and simple. Worse the place is on the top story of a 17 story building and so the only option is to take it all down by the service elevator. Of course the landlord does not really want me to take over his service elevator for an indefinite period either. He wants this to get done in a very short period of time, so it is going to be done in an organized way by a very large group of people with drums and hand trucks. You have some people filling up drums and other people will take them down to the ground level to empty them.

The Things You Find in Drains

I used to work as a plumber in Essex County NJ back in the day and boy have I seen some crazy things that people have tried to flush down the drain! The most common of ‘strange’ things I would have to say are tampons; I just don’t get it! Why would anyone want to flush a tampon down the drain when you think about what it is that a tampon does and does not do. One, it does expand in order to become more absorbent. Big problem right there that is staring you in the face. The next? It’s not biodegradable, at least not quickly degrading! Water is not going to do anything to a tampon but allow it to keep soaking it up.

Of course, that’s not the strangest thing that I have seen. I once came to a family’s place whose pipes were so clogged and they couldn’t figure out what was going on. See, the family had puppies. Continue reading The Things You Find in Drains

The Best Security System for My Needs

I went to a town hall meeting, and the recent spike in crimes in our area was a large part of the community conversation that evening. While no one there had been personally touched by these criminal acts, it was still scary knowing that it was getting even closer to our own front doors. The police officer there recommended that we look into security systems if we did not have one already, and that is how I came to have ADT Security at my home. I looked at all of the well known security alarm companies, and ADT Security came out on top for all of the things I considered.

I definitely wanted a company that has a stellar reputation, and ADT was at the top for that. Continue reading The Best Security System for My Needs

The Key to Success on the Web

Running a small business online is a challenge that only the bravest are willing to take on; yet it takes more than business know how and the courage to open your digital doors to become a success. It has been four months since I started my business online and in that time I quickly noticed that traffic to my site via search engines was awful! I admit that at the time I knew next to nothing about search engine optimization and it wasn’t until someone linked me to www.warriorforum.com/warrior-special-offers/641310-premium-seo-service-get-ranked-page-1-money-back-guarantee.html that I began to see real results and real traffic!

John helped me more than I can express. I went from nearly shutting the doors of my business to seeing my site rise to the top of the page with from the quality keywords that they helped me create. Continue reading The Key to Success on the Web